Children require direct focussed attention on their learning to make significant progress and achieve success. For many children, this is achieved by devoting additional time to learning outside of the school environment.

Our team of expert education professionals have drawn on their educational experience, knowledge of evidence-based practices, and research in the field of neuroscience to develop The Mindshift Method, an innovative session structure designed to maximise the learning progress and achievement of all clients.

The Mindshift Method is used to accomplish any learning goal across a range of curriculum areas. The Method works for everyone - supporting learners who are below year level standard to achieve success, assisting those who are working at year level standard to consolidate and progress, and extending those who require more challenging learning experiences for academic growth.

The Mindshift Method consists of three stages; Focus, Reach, and Fuse, and is delivered in each session of a client's 10-week personalised learning program.


The recognition of what it is we want to learn is the first step in neuroplasticity- the ability for the human brain to change. The Mindshift Method taps into the brain's availability for change during the FOCUS phase by creating direct focussed attention on the goal of a particular session. Your child's Mindshift Coach will establish session objectives, explain how they will demonstrate their understanding, and guide them through breathing and focus techniques to prepare for the learning experience.


Research in neuroscience indicates that facing challenges when learning a new skill or process is key to making meaningful learning progress. At Mindshift Education Coaching we empower children to embrace challenge as part of the learning journey.

In the REACH phase, children will develop skills, knowledge and understanding by working through their unique learning plan. Each unique learning plan is based on initial assessment data and designed to create an environment where challenge can occur. Your child's Mindshift Coach will support them through the learning experience, utilising evidence-based practices to maximise each learning opportunity. 


The FUSE phase engages children in a process of reflecting on the learning experience to stamp down the concepts covered. During this phase, your child will discuss their learning with a Mindshift Coach and demonstrate their understanding and level of success at meeting the session objectives. The FUSE phase provides important information to your child's Mindshift Coach that is used to inform the learning program moving forward.